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Our experienced team can turn your average live event outing into an experience you will never forget.  Anything from fully catered and staffed tailgates for the big game to limosine or party bus transportation and reservations at some of the most sought after restaurants.  Let us turn your event into the best time of your life!

Want to tailgate without doing everything involved that makes a tailgate a big hit?  Let us set you up with one of our tailgate partners to give you the time of your life at the next game or concert.


Whether you want your own private tailgate or just want to hang out with a bunch of fun people before the game.  Let our talented staff manage the best tailgate of your life.

Meet & Greets

Let us get you backstage for a photo and meet & greet with your favorite performer.  Take the whole concert experience to the next level and create memories for a lifetime!  With out relationships in the entertainment industry, we are able to offer highly sought after VIP experiences.

Hang out with your favorite artist!

Looking to get our of town for a game, concert or music festival...and are you a looking to do it the "big shot" way?  Let us arrange for a private jet or helicopter to get you there!  Pack your bags and we will get you there in ultimate style and luxury. 

Focus on having the time of your life.  Let us take care of getting you to and from the venue in style.  We can set you up with a variety of stretch liomsines to accommodate your group.  Setting up transportation is a safer, more convenient way to get to the big game or show.  No one likes sitting in traffic or looking for parking...let us handle that and you just have fun!

VIP Transportation

If you have a larger group, we can arrange for a party bus to pick you up.  These larger vehicles make for a great party atmosphere inside and can accommodate large numbers of people.  The more the merrier!

We are more than just tickets...we create memories for a lifetime.

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